To further develop our potential on the growing Additive Manufacturing market we are investing heavily in technology, capacity and in building our market presence.  To ensure that we can carry out our growth plan, the Board of Directors has decided on a rights issue which will provide Arcam with approximately MSEK 986. The size of the rights issue is a confirmation of our ambition to invest in our technology and capacity, and will thus further strengthen our credibility in the eyes of customers when they decide to switch to Additive Manufacturing. The rights issue is fully guaranteed by the major shareholders and will, as previously communicated, be carried out in October and November.

For details on the new issue please see below press releases and documentation.

For questions about how to trade the transaction please contact

For further information:

Magnus René, CEO and President of Arcam
Cell: +46 702 79 89 99 or +1 781 266 6957


Johan Brandt, CFO or Arcam
Phone: +46 703 69 33 00

Press Releases in connection with the transaction:

Arcam announces prospectus in connection with preferential rights issue, October 24

Arcam resolves on a preferential rights issue of approximately MSEK 986, October 10

Information regarding the new issue:

Arcam – Subscription WITH preferential rights

Arcam – Subscription WITHOUT preferential rights

Arcam – Prospectus final locked