Information from Arcam regarding the tender by GE

As earlier announced GE has made a public tender to acquire shares in Arcam AB.

For us at Arcam the tender from GE is a strong confirmation that the company we have built, our team together with you and other partners, is a major player in the additive manufacturing industry and an attractive partner to GE.

We appreciate that GE share with us the belief that Additive Manufacturing is a fast growing, strategically important industry and as such a natural next step in GE’s development as a Digital Industrial company. We also see that our strategy and offerings align to GE’s vision of building expertise and capabilities in Additive Manufacturing to serve customers in the global industrial community. GE plans to retain and expand Arcam’s current customer base, in aerospace as well as in orthopedics. GE also intends to keep current locations of Arcam’s operations and to retain current management and employees.

The Board of Arcam has recommended the shareholders to accept the offer.

September 6

Press release from Arcam

Pressmeddelande från Arcam

Press release from GE

Pressmeddelande från GE

October 18

Press release from GE regarding extension of acceptance period

Pressmeddelande från GE ang förlängning av acceptansperioden

October 27

Press release from GE regarding increased offer price

Pressmeddelande från GE ang höjt budpris

October 31

Press release from Arcam regarding Statement by the Board of Arcam in relation to the increased offer by GE of SEK 300 per share

Press release from Arcam regarding statement by the Board

Pressmeddelande från Arcam ang uttalande från styrelsen

November 14

Press release from GE regarding completion of the offer

Pressmeddelande från GE ang fullföljande av erbjudandet

November 30

Press release from GE:
GE Aviation controls 76.15 percent of the shares in Arcam and does not further extend the acceptance period 

About GE

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational corporation incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston, USA.

As of 2016, the company operates through the following segments:
Power & Water, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation and Capital which cater to the needs of Financial services, Medical devices, Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software Development and Engineering industries.

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For further information:
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