About Arcam


Arcam strives to provide open and clear information to present and potential shareholders as well as other stakeholders and media.It is important for us that the information we give makes it possible to correctly understand the company´s present situation as well as its future potential.

Some documentation, like by-laws and protocols from general meetings are provided in Swedish only. Should you wish information beyond what is available on this site please do not hesitate to contact us.

We publish important information as well as press releases.

Arcam’s ambition is to communicate information internally and externally so that information about the company and its operations, as well as confidence in the company, is maintained. The information must be correct, relevant and well-formulated as well as adapted to the target groups, including shareholders, the capital market, media, employees, suppliers, customers, authorities and the public.

Arcam complies with the rules for disclosure of information established in the NASDAQ Stockholm regulations for issuers. The company makes public business events that the company considers to be critical and that may affect the price. Orders with a value exceeding MSEK 20 will always be made public.